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  Sudoku Sensei
Dots and Boxes
Sudoku Sensei for Windows Smartphone

Fast play! Fast puzzle generation! Most ways to see the puzzle! Best integrated help & hints! Better in every way that matters! Try it now and youíll agree!

Sudoku Sensei has been nominated to Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazineís best software of the year for 2006! Weíre excited! Take a look at what they are seeing and you'll agree.

Sudoku Sensei is addictive, easy to use and all you could hope for in a Smartphone puzzle game. Learn the game and learn what everyone else knows. Sudoku Sensei is the best sudoku on the Smartphone.

New in Version 1.4:

  • All Screens! All resolutions! Sudoku Sensei adapts to the screen you are using! We support QVGA, Square VGA, Landscape VGA and anything else that runs Windows Mobile!
  • XYZ Wing technique added to hints and expert puzzle generation.
  • Staged hints! Step through each hint to find a little more information about it. As much as you want, or as little as you need to know to solve the puzzle.
  • Timer added to let you know just how fast youíre going. Keep it under the speed limit!
  • The most comprehensive help system integrated into any game has been dramatically improved!
  • Statistical information about the puzzle as you play.
  • Save and load games at any point.

New in Version 1.3:

  • Instant Solver!  Enter a puzzle and view the solution instantly.
  • XY Wing technique added to hints and expert puzzle generation.
  • See only the Pencil Marks you want to see.  By number of Marks; by a single value; or by any combination of values.
  • Improved graphics performance.
  • More uses for the '#' key.  Select the ones you want in the Options dialog.

New in Version 1.2:

  • Support for QVGA and original Windows Smartphone resolution in one package.
  • Altered installation to work around install issues with some phones (SCH-i600).

New in Version 1.1:

  • Assistance now includes an option to automatically fill in the single mark cells.
  • Expert puzzle generation now includes the ability to generate puzzles with X-Wing and Swordfish.
  • PLAY when YOU are ready!  Puzzle generation can now be interrupted at any time.
  • Make it harder!  If you donít think the statistics indicate a puzzle thatís tough enough, put it back to work looking for a tougher clue set!


  • Ability to generate an unlimited number of unique puzzles.
  • Play the game all on your own, or choose to set the pencil marks initially, update the marks after each solution entry, or even fill in the single marks automatically!
  • Need to look at the board from a different angle?  Rotate it left or right.
  • Unique go to cell feature for quick jumping around board.
  • 4 levels of difficulty for those learning to those who are already experts.
  • Generate both Symmetric and Non-Uniform puzzles to give variety to the game.
  • Innovative hint system helps users both learn and play the game with context sensitive help to explain the technique that the hint system is showing.
  • Enter puzzles from the newspaper or other sites, solve them or play them.
  • Undo one move at a time, or take it back to the last valid entry.
  • Single hand entry system allowing quick entry of answers, pencil marks and even puzzles.
  • Adjustable protection.  Prevent incorrect entries; Prevent illegal (according to what you see) entries; Allow any entry at all.

Free 7-day trial with 80 unique generated puzzles and any you enter to play.

only $9.95 to purchase.

Example Screens

Some examples of the screens found in the game.

Game Play




Trial Version

Four-in-a-row is free to try for 7 days.

Download Smartphone Trial

If you would like to download the trial directly to the phone over SMS visit the product's page on

Smartphone Version


This game can be purchased on for $9.95.


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