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Sapphire Software Games for Smartphone and Pocket PC

Sapphire Software produces games for handheld computers and phones. Our games are designed for everyone from young children to adults. We believe there are several times when you or your child have a little idle time on their hands and could benefit from a simple fun gaming experience.

  • Waiting for a movie or play to start.
  • Waiting for food to come or to get a seat in a restaurant.
  • Riding to a friend or relatives house.  
  • And many more...
Sapphire Software News

Sudoku Sensei has been nominated to Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine’s best software of the year for 2006! We’re excited! Take a look at what they are seeing and you'll agree.

Sudoku Sensei is addictive, easy to use and all you could hope for in a Smartphone puzzle game. Learn the game and learn what everyone else knows. Sudoku Sensei is the best sudoku on the Smartphone.


Designed for both Adults and Children

The "Games for Big and Little Idle Hands" are designed for both children and adults. We do this by providing four (4) difficulty levels that are tested by the target users.

  • Easy - For young children, the game will play at a 3-5 year old level with some randomness to let the child win more often.
  • Normal - For older children, the game will play at a 6-9 year old level with a goal of trying to not pass up easy wins or losses.
  • Hard - For teenagers and adults, the default level will play like an adult new to the game and try to predict what would be the best move based on what the game thinks you might do next.
  • Expert - For the person wanting the hardest experience, the game will do significant analysis for the best moves, try to prevent falling into traps and lay down one or more traps in order to win.
Games you know and love

Each of our games is based on a game that is familiar to both your children and you. We have added some interesting twists to the original game to make it more challenging and enjoyable to play.

Check out the games we have available for Windows Smartphone and Pocket PC. If your curious if your device can play our games check out our platform page where we list the devices on which our games work.

Our Latest Game

Sudoku Sensei v1.4

Fast play! Fast puzzle generation! Most ways to see the puzzle! Best integrated help & hints! Better in every way that matters! Try it now and you’ll agree!

  • Free update for registered users!!!
  • Why wait 20, 30, 40 minutes or more for a puzzle to finish generating?  Sudoku Sensei lets you interrupt the generation when ever you want.
  • Statistics for the generated puzzle aren’t tough enough for you?  Send it back to work on making it harder! 
  • Puzzle Generation now includes Swordfish and X-Wing techniques!  Swordfish and X-wing are fully integrated into the help and hint system.
  • Assistance now includes the option to automatically fill in those pesky Single Mark squares.  Or, you can do them yourself.
  • Play the game all on your own, or choose to set the pencil marks initially, update the marks after each solution entry, or even fill in the single marks automatically!
  • Innovative hint system helps users both learn and play the game.
  • Amazing undo feature quickly validates the board, removes changes back to where the puzzle was still solvable or does single step undo back to the beginning of the game.
  • Exciting sounds (with volume/muting) control.
  • Integrated help with expert tips on solving the hard puzzles.
  • Free 7-day trial with 80 unique generated puzzles and any you enter to play.
  • only $9.95 to purchase.

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